Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Rogue Online poker Referrals

For more information about avoiding a scam when playing at an online poker, read these quick tips.

As with other business relationships, the best way to spot a rogue online poker is to listen to referrals from family, friends and other gamblers. Browse online poker forums and message boards to find out the popular opinion regarding the specific poker that is of interest to you.

Chances are you will discover a positive experience or a revealing warning about the site. Use your own judgment and weigh your options before registering and handing over your personal banking information to the site. Popular poker forums and message boards are included in the poker sites with Winner Online, casino Advisor and

Cons of Instant Play Online Casino

Want to learn about the disadvantages of instant online casino games vs. the download variety?

There are certain negative aspects to the Instant Play online casino. For instance, load speeds may be slower than the average gambler is willing to wait with dialup and DSL modem connections. This is because the data stream needs to be refreshed by the system regularly, which may prove frustrating for players after the fast pace of casino gambling.

In addition, the graphics may seem less vivid and the sound effects may have less tonal quality and zing due to the nature of how games are created for download. This in turn waters down the pure nature of excitement that should be generated by the online casino gaming experience.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Best Poker Bonuses Available in Canada

The best poker bonuses available in Canada are right at your fingertips – if you know where to look. The key to finding and taking advantage of the best online poker bonuses comes down to getting good advice and reliable tips from experts who know the industry inside out. That’s where comes in; our online poker experts know where to go for the best poker bonuses, and just how you can use that information in order to make the most of your online poker experience. For online poker fans based in Canada, we recommend three sites in particular that offer the best poker bonuses in addition to having the best sites open to Canadian players. The first site on this prestigious list is 888 Poker, for three major reasons. First, the site is a reliable online poker destination and has proven itself to be above the recent controversy that has surfaced in the industry. 888 avoided being a part of the online poker shutdowns of 2011 by being transparent, accountable, and publicly traded. Second, 888 has one of the best platforms out there when it comes to online poker, which is why so many Canadian players make this site their online poker home. Third, 888 Poker has competitive poker bonuses for new players and loyal players alike, making it lucrative to sign up and stick around. The next site on the list is Party Poker, for similar reasons. Again, Party Poker has remained aboveboard in terms of legality and reliability thanks to its highly regulated and accountable parent company, which is one of the largest publicly traded companies in the gaming industry. And as far as having some of the best poker bonuses in Canada, Party Poker delivers on that end as well. Finally, we recommend taking advantage of the best poker bonuses on offer at bwin Poker, another Canadian favourite. The bonuses offered here are competitive, entertaining, and profitable, if you play your cards right. Get involved today by checking out the details at each of our recommended online poker sites and see which ones is most suited to you.


Looking forward to the November Nine!

Many people may not remember the story behind the origin of the November Nine. The nine players who qualify to participate in the final event of the World Series of Poker have been called the November Nine since 2008, when the event sponsor and the broadcast networks in charge decided it would make for better entertainment if the final event were postponed to November despite most of the WSOP events being held over the summer months. This delay allows for equal coverage of all players involved, as the winner is not known in advance of the game’s broadcast. This increases fans’ interest in the game and allows more people to get excited to see what’s going to happen. In 2010, Canadians have even more interest in the main event than usual, as there are two Canadian poker stars in the November Nine this year. Jonathan Duhamel, who is currently the biggest chip holder, and Matt Jarvis, currently in fifth, are both originally from Canada and proud to represent their country in the tournament. No Canadian has won the WSOP final event yet, but this year that could all change. This year, out of 7,319 participants and with a total prize pool of almost $69 million, two Canadian players will be walking away from the WSOP main event with no less than $811,823 apiece. Be sure to tune in on November 6 to see how these Canadian poker stars fare!


Canadian poker players are heading to Europe

Online poker players, including Canadian stars like Daniel Negreanu, Mike McDonald, and Xian Liu, are heading to Europe in droves to participate in major tournaments. However, with this year’s WSOPE being held in Cannes, France, instead of London, players who want to hit both EPT and WSOP events have to factor in additional travel costs. Many online poker players simply aren’t able to keep up with the additional expenses required to participate. Online poker players have a lot on their plates right now – like cash tied up with shutdown sites like Full Tilt Poker – that make coming up with funds harder than ever. “Players need to take advantage of online options to get a spot in a major tournament,” explained spokesperson Paul Ryan. “It’s expensive for Canadians to go to Europe, so satellite events offering travel packages are one way to get there. But a safer bet would be to play online poker tournaments that don’t require travel.” 888 Poker is a top destination for Canadian players, Ryan elaborated. “Here’s a site where players can be right in the action without investing thousands of dollars in hotels and plane tickets. There’re even freeroll tournaments so Canadians who can’t afford big buy-ins can still play for real money just like their idols are doing right now in Europe.” Party Poker has a great opportunity on offer as well, Ryan added, worth up to $3 million in prizes. “It’s stuff like this that makes online poker so accessible no matter your financial circumstances. This is how we can keep enjoying the game even when our responsibilities make it impossible to head overseas to play.” “With sites like 888 bringing the thrill and potential profit of big tournaments directly to our homes, competitors begin on equal footing where nothing but skill matters – not the economy, not our ability to pay for travel. Those things don’t dictate our chances to play and win,” said Ryan. “And that’s the beauty of online poker.” source:

PokerStars, founded in Canada in 2001, is turning 10

Some of the biggest names in online poker are or have been associated with the PokerStars brand, and with good reason – this site has been around for ten years come next month. From Daniel Negreanu to Jonathan Duhamel, many of Canada’s major poker celebrities have been sponsored by or played at PokerStars. Officially online since December 2001, PokerStars has every right to celebrate its anniversary with all the fanfare it can muster. It was thanks to PokerStars that online poker became such a sensation in North America, after all. Back in 2003, an amateur online poker player won entrance to the WSOP main event by playing at a satellite tournament on PokerStars. This amateur went on to win the championship and become a household name: Chris Moneymaker. Thanks to his success, millions of people have been inspired to try their hand at online poker, whether to win millions of dollars or just enjoy the game. PokerStars has been through a lot in 2011, but they’re still alive, and that alone is reason enough to celebrate in a big way. Over the next few weeks as more information about the celebratory events are revealed, stay tuned to learn more.


List of poker sites shut down to Canadian players

In April 2011, some of the largest online poker sites in the world were shut down by federal authorities in the United States. These shutdowns affected more than just American online poker players – fans around the world, including in Canada, were affected by the loss of several popular online poker sites.
Here is a list of poker sites shut down in 2011:
PokerStars: This site was shut down in April 2011, but quickly came back online to allow players to withdraw any money remaining in their accounts. The speed with which this site managed to pull itself together in order to come through for fans was admirable, although the site is still under investigation in the U.S. While the site was briefly shut down to Canadian online poker players, it is now back up and open for action.
Full Tilt Poker: Perhaps the most notorious of this list of poker sites shut down this year, Full Tilt has, as of this moment, failed to pay back the majority of the money it owes its players. Canadians in particular have been estimated to have lost between ten and fifteen million dollars due to Full Tilt Poker being shut down. Officially seized in April and officially shut down in Canada in June, Full Tilt Poker is still offline to Canadian players.
Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet Poker: These sites were among the notorious list of Black Friday shutdowns, and are still under investigation.
For continued updates to this list of poker sites shut down to Canadian players, stay tuned.